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Lack of Safety Technology

We Have Won Multi-Million Dollar Jury Verdicts for Auto Defect Cases.

We have tried and won defective automobile cases including jury verdicts of $31 Million, $25 Million, $13 Million for our clients. An emerging area of automotive product defects has to do with proven safety technology that is either completely missing or made optional rather than standard on modern cars.

Rear End Accidents Are the Key

If you or a family member have been rear ended by another driver that was driving a vehicle from 2010 to the present, you may have a claim not only against the other driver, but also the manufacturer of the other driver’s vehicle. In auto accidents, the vehicle that collides with you in a rear end collision is often known as the “bullet vehicle.” If this “bullet vehicle” lacked forward collision warning (FCW) or automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems that were commercially and technologically available when the vehicle was manufactured, you may have a product liability claim for death or catastrophic injuries in the rear end accident.

CAT Includes FCW and AEB Technology

Collision Avoidance Technology (“CAT”) is a detection and warning safety system for vehicles. Using radars and cameras, these systems alert drivers of imminent collisions and help them take proper actions to avoid or minimize the impact of a collision. In newer systems, it will not only warn the driver (Forward Collision Warning or FCW),but will also take automatic action if the driver fails to do so (Automatic Emergency Braking or AEB). Some well-known examples of this would be an alert system that warns a driver they are about to rear end another vehicle or a reactive braking system that warns the driver and then applies the brakes automatically.

Front and Rear Crossing Technology

Similar to the CAT systems listed above for rear end accidents, there is now technology commercially available in modern vehicles to alert someone if they are about to pull out into oncoming vehicles (that they don’t see) or back into traffic (like when someone reverses out of a driveway). If you or a loved one were hit by a car that pulled out in front of you – whether at an intersection or from a driveway, and it resulted in death or catastrophic injury, you may have a claim against the manufacturer of the vehicle that hit you in addition to your personal injury claims against the other driver.

Does It Cost Anything for Me to Speak with Your Firm About My Missing Technology Case?

No. We only get paid if you get paid on your case. We work on a contingent fee basis that explicitly states that you owe us nothing for attorney’s fees if we don’t collect for you. Hiring a lawyer is a personal decision, but at Sifers Jensen Palmer we have a team of lawyers and a qualified and friendly staff of experienced legal professionals, all armed with knowledge of auto defect litigation to help you. We have an active nationwide practice.

We only get paid if you get paid and we charge nothing to meet with you to discuss your case. If you have been injured or a family member lost in any kind of accident, please contact Sifers Jensen Palmer for a no obligation appointment with one of our Missouri lawyers. To learn more about all of your options, call us toll free for a free consultation to discuss your case.