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Roof Crush

We Have Won Multi-Million Dollar Jury Verdicts for Auto Defect Cases.

We have tried and won defective automobile cases including jury verdicts of $31 Million, $25 Million, $13 Million for our clients. Sometimes, a rollover accident that should not result in death or serious injury still does because the vehicle’s roof was too weak.

Roof Crush or Roof Collapse Should Not Happen

As sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and pickup trucks became larger over the last 25 years, the number of rollover accidents has significantly increased significantly. More vehicles than ever are rolling over during accidents. Many times the roof of the vehicle caves in or crushes too far into the passenger area.

A roof crush or collapse may result in massive head injuries that can cause death, paralysis, or other significant spinal fractures that will permanently affect your life. Even cases with mild roof collapse can result in traumatic brain injuries.

With real-world statistics since 2013, we now see that strengthened roofs can prevent injuries and death. Over the last 25 years, these reports show that some car and truck manufacturers failed to appropriately prioritize safety causing unnecessary suffering for many drivers.

Even in a single vehicle accident where the driver may have been at fault for the original accident, the driver, the driver’s family or any injured passengers may still have a claim if the vehicle’s roof was not crashworthy.

Does It Cost Anything for Me to Speak with Your Firm About My Roof Crush Case?

No. We only get paid if you get paid on your case. We work on a contingent fee basis that explicitly states that you owe us nothing for attorney’s fees if we don’t collect for you. Hiring a lawyer is a personal decision, but at Sifers Jensen Palmer we have a team of lawyers and a qualified and friendly staff of experienced legal professionals, all armed with knowledge of auto defect litigation to help you. We have an active nationwide practice.

We only get paid if you get paid and we charge nothing to meet with you to discuss your case. If you have been injured or a family member lost in any kind of accident, please contact Sifers Jensen Palmer for a no obligation appointment with one of our Missouri lawyers. To learn more about all of your options, call us toll free for a free consultation to discuss your case.