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SJP Law Frim, LLC Sept. 19, 2023

Did You or Someone You Love Have an Exactech Device in A KNEE, Hip OR ANKLE Replacement?

If you or someone you love underwent joint replacement surgery between 2004 and August 2021, it's crucial to determine if an Exactech device was used. The FDA has issued serious warnings about several Exactech hip, knee, and ankle joint replacement devices, including the Connexion GXL, Novation GXL, AcuMatch GXL, MCS GXL, Optetrak, Optetrak Logic, Truliant, and Vantage.

The core issue with these products is their packaging. Exactech packaging bags lack an essential oxygen barrier layer, designed to protect these devices from oxidation. Oxidation can degrade materials over prolonged periods, which in the context of joint replacements, means accelerated wear, potential device failure, component cracking, or fractures. For many patients, these complications have sadly translated into corrective revision surgeries, and in some instances, significant bone loss due to the device's premature wear.

Every patient who undergoes joint replacement surgery trusts in the safety and reliability of the implants. When the very packaging of these devices undermines their longevity and effectiveness, leading to potential harm, those responsible should be held accountable. If you suspect you have been impacted by any of these Exactech devices, contact our experienced product liability attorneys. Together, we'll navigate this journey and strive for the justice you deserve.